Where is the company?
Corporate office is located in the city of Gaza / Palestine, to get the office address in detail, please visit the contact information.

 What is the nationality of the company?
Palestinian company, and most of its employees are Palestinians, but they have also integrated Arab crew.

 Does the company have agents in Arab countries?
Not the company's agents in any of the countries of the Middle East.

 What are the official working hours of the company?
Official working for the company starts from eight o'clock until four o'clock pm GMT Gaza City, except on the weekend (Friday and Saturday) and holidays. It does not include the above technical support team is available around the clock, seven days a year.

 How can I contact?
The company can be contacted by phone described in the contact information page, or by e-mail, can also interact directly with sales representatives through direct dialog window.

 What is the language used to communicate with the company?
Prefer the use of Arabic in addressing the company, but that there is no problem in guiding the en letters as well.

 Are the services provided by the company and its servers and operating systems licensed and legal?
Although there is no so-called 'licensed server' and 'server is not licensed,' but that ALADHAM.PS a company official, and subject to the systems business in force in Palestine (which prohibit the use of any products that are not licensed); deal with a number of the largest centers
Data, and is always keen to use the latest ICT digital operating systems, software and control panels; are licensed and legal.

 I would like to see examples of sites hosted with you?
Can be found examples of sites we have hosted our visit.

 I want you to be delegates in the states.
The company is not looking at the present time for delegates or agents.

 What are the methods available for payment?
We accept payment in several ways, including credit cards, bank transfers, and conversion through the offices of Aloisturn Younine and Money Gram.

 What does it take after paying the costs of the service to activate it?
The time it needed to activate the location on the method of payment used to pay for services, except that the time shall normally not exceed 24 hours from the time of payment of the cost, except by way of bank transfers may take a week to 10 days because of the period needed by the
Bank to deliver the amount effectively to our account.

 Do I have to pay the cost before you start taking advantage of the service?
Yes, you have to pay all dues before activating the requested service.

 What is the currency used in the site?
Currency used in the website are the U.S. dollar.

 What are the working hours of technical support team?
Technical support team is working around the clock, seven days a year, but that does not mean a direct response and prompt technical support on the cards, where you may need some cards for a longer time than others depending on the type of task to be performed.

 What is the average time it takes to respond to the cards, technical support?
Cards are dealt with technical support quickly by our team, but ensuring that a reply on the card is not exceeded for 24 hours from the time asked, noting that this does not mean that the card is not processed until after this time, where normally be dealt with them in
A short time.

 What are the channels which they can obtain technical support?
The right channel to receive technical support is the card system, which can be accessed through the Members Area.

 Is technical support available through direct dialog window?
No, technical support is available through direct dialogue window, where she is dedicated to the sales team only, and all I could for the salesperson to do when you request technical support through that window is to guide the joint to open the card from within the Members area.

 Do you offer technical support for software-oriented site?
Like any other hosting company, the technical support we have been limited in the area of ​​maintenance and crashes the server that hosts the site, does not extend technical support to include software maintenance, which is just installed on the common area.

 Do you backup your internal or external?
Backup system provided by the company ALADHAM.PS is to copy the internal and external.

 How do I obtain a copy of my site in the case of a malfunction what?
When the Subscriber wishes to obtain an older version of his files he should open a technical support ticket from within the Members area, where this is required, and will be followed up by our team to implement them.

 What is the level of protection for your servers?
Our servers are subject to careful protection system, and we have a special team to fill in any gaps to be discovered ..

 How do you deal with participants who show files permeable Messahathm for one reason or another?
Unsubscribe is the site involved in raising such files directly, while also providing a backup copy of the website files to the owner of the account.

 What is the unit of measurement used in the figures of the spaces and the data transfer rate mentioned on the site?
Units of measurement used in the site are Algija bytes (GB), which is equivalent to 1000 MB bytes per GB one.

 Is it possible to host more than one site on the same plan?
Can not host more than one site, but it can host more than one site, provided that the owner of belonging to the same area and connected to each other through the purchase of Reseller.

 What is your policy towards the installation of unlicensed software?
With respect to non-licensed scripts, we do not follow our hosted sites from this area, but in case the complaint from the manufacturer then will have on his site that contacting the manufacturer of understanding about the license or removal.

 What is your policy towards the publication and distribution of copyrighted files such as films and songs?
Prohibiting the publication and distribution of copyrighted material such as songs and movies and programs without taking official permission from the producer legal owner.

 Do you transfer my site in the event of a socialist you have?
Yes, if the size of the site does not exceed 1 GB, and the control panel to the former host of the type of cPanel have to move the site from old host to our servers; contact your host and the old and the configuration request a copy of a recent CD-ROM files
Site, and then provide our team through the card system link directly to that version, can be accessed via the browser (without any passwords), and our team will pull and install the file, taking into account that the duration of the implementation process is no more than 24 hours from the time of opening Card, but in case volume is larger or the Control Panel vary responsibility of transport is the responsibility of the subscriber.

 Do you have plans of sizes and transfer rates other than those listed in your website?
No, our firm in terms of size and area, and provide ad hoc schemes.

 You can take advantage of the regular hosting plans in the distribution of spaces to host commercial or free?
No, the distribution of free hosting space through the regular hosting plans is not allowed, as it is technically possible that the regular hosting plans do not provide for the joint distribution of the control panel WHM.

 How is the number of sites that I hosted in the calculation of distribution?
The number of sites can be hosted by the size of Reseller.

 Is Toffern plans distribution sizes and transfer rates other than those listed in your website?
No, our firm in terms of size and area, and provide ad hoc schemes

 Would you permit the distribution of sites free of charge through the distribution plans do you have?
No, the distribution of free hosting space by calculating the distribution is not allowed.

 Is it possible that you will manage the distribution account on my behalf?
Account management is the responsibility of the joint distribution, we only offer video lessons explaining all details of the account management of distribution, can be found through the video lessons page.

 Is Toffern technical support to users in the calculation of the distribution I have?
We provide technical support for the distribution and the sites for hosted by the distributor with regard to the problems of the server, does not extend support to include issues of accounting and processing areas and software support focused on those sites.

 Do you move sites to participate in the event of my clients have to calculate the distribution of host?
We will move the sites to the accounts of the distribution of hosting when you sign up with us in case the number of sites do not exceed the 10 sites, and the volume per site does not exceed 500 MB, this is done by contacting your host and the old configuration request copies of the new compressed files
Locations, and then provide our team through the card system link directly to those copies, can be accessed via the browser (without any passwords), and our team will withdraw and the installation files, but in case the number was larger or the volume per site to be transferred more 500 MB; responsibility of transport is the responsibility of the joint, taking into account that the duration of the implementation process is no more than 48 hours from the time of opening the card.

 Do you move sites to new subscribers with me on account of distribution?
If you desire the installation of a new location within the distribution calculation, and the size of the site does not exceed 1 GB, all you need to do is to provide the distributor team link directly to the CD-ROM version can be accessed via the browser, and our team will drag version and installed
Free, but in case the size of the site down the 1 GB can raise the compressed file to the site to be transferred to the account of the main distribution route, and then let us know and we will file his inauguration.

 You request a domain registration, when it is adopted and activation?
The process of recording ranges are not we automatically direct, where all registered domains are subject to review first, before the adoption of registration and approval process takes several hours is usually, but it does not exceed 24 hours maximum, preferably in the student registration
Is open the card through the Members Area to continue the registration process.

 I have a bunch of domains registered with you, can you provide a separate control panel for each domain?
Company provides ALADHAM Control Panel can be through the control of the total domains registered by the member's account, but the company did not provide separate images for each domain within the primary account.

 Do you offer technical support for domains registered by you?
Company provides ALADHAM lessons explain the implementation of all operations that can be implemented on the scale through the Control Panel, but that technical support does not extend to the implementation of those processes across the customer's behalf, where such is the responsibility of the owner of the domain, and the
Technical Support does not include issues related to host range (unless the area is linked to company servers ALADHAM, where such is the responsibility of the company hosting the site.

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