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Al-Adham Multimedia Technology
Al-Adham: Creativity born from persistence and willpower. We started very small and soon developed into a successful project that continues to impress everyone. The start was in 1997 and the crown achievement was the foundation of Al-Adham Multimedia Technology in Gaza City in 2007. We specialize in designing and building internet websites as well as everything related to Promotion and Advertisement.
Services offered by Al-Adham:
Designing internet websites and reserving domain names.
Promotion and Advertisement.
Programming and Database building.
Training courses in graphic design, programming and photography.
Designing and implementing shop signs, billboards, wedding invitations and stamp forms.

Al-Adham Uniqueness:
We seek to stand out among the other advertising and design agencies through the following unique services:
 Developing and integrating web-services.
 Unorthodox designs and advertising ideas.
 Offering consultation services related to promotion and graphic design.
 Innovative, remarkable and flexible websites that cater to the clients’ needs.
 A team of house-professional designers, programmers and media experts awaits you.
 Encouraging and promoting inter-institutional communication through technological cooperation and providing the latest organization-management software.
 Designs and advertising work done through the latest computer graphic suites, which ease the catering to clients’ expected needs and wishes.
 Staying up-to-date with the world of media, graphic design and advertising so as to always provide our clients with the best solutions to their advertising requirements.
 A set of auxiliary services that accompany and complement the main services offered by Al-Adham.
 Tight cooperation with a select group of international service providers in the field of website hosting and domain name reservation.
 A firm commitment to offering the best and most competitive prices in the market.
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