Content Management
Web Content Management System (WSLA)

The Web Content Management System (WSLA) is a sophisticated tool that can be used to ease the entire process of web publishing. Through WSLA, the design and presentation of content on a web page is separated from the content creation process, as web pages and links can be dynamically generated from information held in a database maintained by the client's staff.
Using WSLA, web developers can concentrate on the site structure, navigation, and look-and-feel of the site without having to worry about creating and maintaining content. The whole site remains consistent since information is drawn from the content database and plugged into web page templates created by the web developer. Different templates are designed for specific areas of a site; for example the layout of a news page may need to be different from the layout of a fact sheet page. A region map can be accessed by the user through links; when the user click on the areas of a map, updated information stored in the database appears. Templates can be designed to meet all required technical and accessibility standards. A WSLA also allows global changes to be made to a site with little effort – changes are made on the template and thus reflected throughout the site.
General Features:
All data will be inserted through secure pages with the use of forms.
Users will be able to format the text (adding bold, italics, etc) before submitting it.
Users will be able to upload files through WSLA without the need of ftp.
The WSLA will support a variety of languages.
Users will be able to create links to internal and external pages.
Users will be able to add, delete, or update data.
All data will be searchable.
Technology Used:
InterTech has developed 2 version of its WSLA, one using PHP / MYSQL Server.
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